Enchanted Heart

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Plagued by miscarriages and widowed during the Civil War, Marty Ingram promised herself never to love again. She kept true to that vow until handsome wagon master Caid McAllister swept her away when he rescued her from a churning Texas river. Would her Enchanted Heart find everlasting love or would Fate break it yet again?

5.0 out of 5 stars A brilliant must read book, August 11, 2011
By Carol "Carol" (UK) -
This review is from: Enchanted Heart (Kindle Edition)
Enchanted Heart takes you on a really emotional journey from start to finish.
The twin's lives wrap themselves around your heart, and you just have to know what happens to them. Brianna builds up the tension slowly to begin with but little by little she leads you along many paths until you ultimately discover whether Marty and Greta find the peace and happiness they so richly deserve.
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Marty Hirsch: Elder twin of Greta Hirsch. Marty vowed early in her life to take care of her sickly sister even though her own life was devastated by tragedy. Marty became a widow not long after her husband joined the Confederate Army during the Civil War. It was then that she decided that she would never love again. But then she met the handsome Caid McAllister.

Caid McAllister: Handsome and strong yet sensitive and loving. He never let his heart fall for any woman until he saw the young teacher ushering her children back to class. It was at that moment that he knew that this woman was his destiny. He learned that she was embarking on a journey across Texas to the new German Settlement and he took the opportunity to volunteer as the wagon train's guide just to be close to her. But Fate had another plan for him and his new-found love.

Greta Hirsch: Marty's twin sister who was delica! te and sickly yet, when it mattered most, she was strong and r! esilient , surprising all who knew her. She too was a widow since the Civil War took her Gunnar away from her. But at least she had her daughter, Seraphina, who was the female version of her father. Would Greta ever find love again? Not until she meets Henry Bucchanan.
Henry (Buck) Buchannan: Burly mountain man who finds the twins and their protector, Daniel Bader holed up in a cave when Greta is injured. Instantly, Buck falls in love with Greta and instantly lives are changed.

Love and Fate: Love and Fate are intricate characters in Enchanted Heart. It is the battle between them that ultimately determines the destiny of each character in the novel.

Brianna Lee McKenzie was born in Corpus Christi, Texas where she spent most of her childhood summers listening to Grandma Ruby tell stories of her adventurous life. Having nomadic parents, she never lived in any particular town for very long. Making friends was difficult in this situation, c! ausing her to, at a young age, retreat into her own little world where the characters that she created were her companions. As she grew, she developed her ability to mentally visualize vivid scenes which she revisited later when she learned to take pen into hand. As an adult, she submitted several examples of her work to publishers, but was disappointed by rejection after rejection. But with encouragement from family and friends, she took that giant leap toward self-publishing. Now, Amazon is her best friend.

Brianna lives on a yacht on the Chesapeake Bay where she finds inspiration in the magnificent sunsets and the romantic gestures of her husband. Her ultimate goal is to make her family proud of her accomplishments. Selling books is just a blissful bi-product.

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Title : Enchanted Heart
Description : Price: $2.99 Product Description Description * Plagued by miscarriages and widowed during the Civil War, Marty Ingram promised ...

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