Chasing Love & Guilty Pleasures

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In Chasing Love, Maddy has searched for love and acceptance her entire life. She finds more than she bargains for after picking up a man in a bar while visiting her aunt in Iowa. Warning: EROTIC HORROR. Explicit sex scenes, including anal.

Guilty Pleasures- Zoe and Michael's marriage is in deep trouble. Michael works late every night and Zoe struggles through endless of hours of loneliness and need. Desperate for attention, she joins a chat room called Tie Me Up and meets the charming, seductive Master D. WARNING: Explicit sex and bondage.

Chasing Love, - 5 Stars – Sexual: 5 flames out of 5 flames
Eotic Horror

My review and opinion – Wow! Excellent Writing! The story grabbed me from the first sentence, I literally couldn’t stop reading it. The characters came to life and were believable with the lust between them and innocence leading into a one night stand. The erotic scene was totally flaming hot and had me! crossing my legs to hold down my arousal. Just when I thought this was a great one night stand you throw in a twister that reminded me of life’s reality in general warnings to be afraid of the crazy’s out in the world as it burst my happy ever after bubble and thrust me into horror. Damn, you Hooked, lined, and sinkered me. I’m still shaking from the thought of it. Absolutely superb writing!

Guilty Pleasures
5 Stars – Sexual: 4 flames out of 5 flames.

Erotic BDSM - Teasingly Hot!
Wow, a great short BDSM adventure to dive your sexual mind’s appetite into. This sizzling fast pace page turner story will have your libido hungering for more in the end. Marriages can be trying especially after being married for a long time, however, just when you least expect it life can thr! ow us a curve ball especially when it involves our sexual enco! unters. Great role playing as a Dom breaking in a new Sub. The characters connection and emotional feelings were captured beautifully and the erotic suspense of the teasing and bursting with frustrated arousal had me anxious for the characters release. The old saying “Save the Best for Last” is definitely the pure guaranteed satisfaction the author leaves us with in a mind blowing climax ending. Excellent Read!

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  • Published on: 2011-12-10
  • Released on: 2011-12-10
  • Format: Kindle eBook
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Title : Chasing Love & Guilty Pleasures
Description : Price: $0.99 Product Description In Chasing Love, Maddy has searched for love and acceptance her entire life. She finds more th...

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