Blood Brothers

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With 'Blood Brothers', Keith Latch creates a compelling story of
betrayal and revenge that I couldn't put down until I was finished."--Darryl Piece, host of A Little Dead Podcast

BLOOD BROTHERS is a full-length thriller of Michael Cole and the return of the man he once shared an almost unbreakable bond with, Jerry—short for Jerusalem--Garrett.

Years ago, Mike Cole was an overweight kid that couldn’t get through the day without being bullied and picked on. School was hell for him and home was worse. Just when young Mike believes he can’t take any more of the abuse, he meets young Jerry. Jerry Garrett is new in town and presents himself at a moment when he is able to come to Mike’s rescue, just in time. It seems that Jerry not only has a knack for standing up for Mike but showing him how to do it for himself as well. Mike and Jerry become fast friends and before long they are the “in-crowd” and Mike ! begins to enjoy the privileges of being one of the popular kids. All this ends when, during their senior year, the two are involved in a heinous crime that sends Jerry away to prison. Years later, Michael Cole is one of the most successful men in town and has money, a beautiful wife, and an adoring daughter. Everything is perfect…until Jerry Garrett returns wanting what he is rightfully his: Michael’s success. If Michael isn’t willing to hand it over, Jerry is prepared to stop at nothing, including taking his former friend's life, to have it.

This edition also includes a short excerpt of Cemetery Things Book 1 of the Ungodly Sage, the chilling tale of horror from Keith Latch:

For one hundred years, The Devil's Graveyard has been a place of horror, gruesome murders, and terrible mutilations. For too long have the locals allowed this place to take their loved ones. But one murder too many causes action. The death of a teenager spurs hi! s family and the local authorities into action. Armed with lit! tle more than myth and superstition, the time for a showdown is long overdue.

Praise for Latch's novels!!!:

“Mr. Latch has an amazing writing ability. I have not read many books of this standard. His descriptions are clear and colorful; I could imagine what the characters were seeing and feeling…” –Coffee Time Romance

” I found it refreshing, riveting, and flowing at a good pace to keep this reader enthralled…Keith Latch remarkably sketches an original piece of art that explodes in the pages. He has a distinctive voice. He clearly knows how to portray the characters so the reader gets a good idea of, not only a precise sketch of the players, but the many things that follow them in their daily activities.” –Fallen Angel Reviews

“Keith Latch, a refreshing new voice in the horror genre, has appeared on the scene with an exciting new take on the traditional ghost story. More mainstream th! an gothic, A Ghost Story takes the usual spectral tale and infuses it with an action packed plotline that has its share of chilling moments. A Ghost Story is an exemplary first novel from an author who is sure to have a grand future in the horror field.” –Horror World

“The superb writing and expert pacing of this debut novel makes this a must read from an exciting new talent in the horror industry.” –Horror World

“I have to say Cemetery Things is truly superb with incredible writing and visualization to make the reader go wow. It definitely captivated me from beginning to end. Keith Latch writes a gory tale that kept this reader on-the-edge-of-the-seat. Yet, he also instills some caring characters with a touch of romance and family values. The fascinating characters are bold and use a wide range of expressions in all their situations. The gruesome torture is so real it is as if the characters have leaped from the pag! es and are standing right in the room with you. I liked the fa! mily of Blake, Brent and their mother, and how one circumstance shows how tight-knit that family has been. This book is so insanely horrific, yet terrific, too.

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Title : Blood Brothers
Description : Price: $2.99 Product Description With 'Blood Brothers', Keith Latch creates a compelling story of betrayal and revenge ...

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